Control everything in one go

Control your existing lights/fan using your smartphone with HoRo

How it works


Affordable Prices

We aim at providing an affordable product so that not only the elites but also the ordinary people can afford it.

Fits in your existing system

You do not need change your entire wiring .This is compatible with your existing sysytem

No monthly charges

All these features comes with no monthly charges

You might have some questions?

What happens to the current switches in the house if I install this system ?

They work as they have always done. Our system works in tandem with the physical switches, so you can use either to control your devices.

I’d like to try out HoRo, but don’t want to do the entire house in a single go. What do I do ?

For trying out, we suggest you start with a single switchboard module. Switchboard modules are plug and play, so you can keep adding them to your home when you feel like it.

Hmmm…do I need a wifi router at home for the system to work ?

Yes, a wifi router is required. The home controller needs to be connected to the wifi router through a lan cord.

Will I need to be in vicinity of the switchboard to turn on or off the connected electrical devices?

No, being in vicinity is not required at all. In fact, you can control your electrical devices from anywhere in the world.

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