Control your lights from the comfort of your sofa.
Forgot to turn off the lights?

Control your home from anywhere.

3 ways to control
Voice control through Alexa or Google home.
Control appliances from your smartphone.
Switch Board
Existing switch board will work as it is.
How it works
Install device inside your switch board
Configure it using HoRo App
Device will connect to HoRo cloud through your router
Enjoy your smart home
Easy to Install
No rewiring needed, goes behind your existing switchboard.
15 mins installation
Takes not more than 15 mins to make your home smart.
No trained engineers needed. Do it yourself or can be done by any local electrician.
Switch Node
Control upto 5 switches
Compact Design
Takes upto 6 Amp per switch.
Easy replaceable connectors.
No dependence of physical switch.
year warranty
Experience smart home now for
₹ 3,999
₹ 3,499per switchboard
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